Malawi and Zambia report

Funded both by Every Home Global Concern and by the Australian government (DFAT).

Both projects have in 2017 completed the last year of a 5 year program and have commenced another 5 year program in villages determined by local governments as being in need.

We are delighted to report that, as a result of the program just completed:

  • 1,500 households have become food secure eating 3 meals a day (100% compared to 14% 5 years ago)

  • 2,503 people reported increased incomes

  • 63 shallow wells have been installed, giving 6,432 people access to safe water 26 pit-toilets were built for village communities

  • 7,697 people were educated in health and hygiene practices

  • 500 treated mosquito nets were distributed to families to help prevent Malaria

Resulting in –

  • a 93% reduction in Malaria in the Malawi villages and a 56% reduction in the Zambia villages

  • a 97% reduction in diarrhoea in the Malawi villages and a 66% reduction in the Zambia village

Now included in some villages are Supplementary Feeding Centres for orphaned pre-school children as well as village income generating groups where men and women are taught how to save money and borrow from the pool of funds to increase their small businesses.

This is having phenomenal results and the people are so excited!

They want to express their gratitude to the Australian government (through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program) and to the Global Concern supporters who have made this possible by giving to the Food Security program.

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