The only Health Clinic for many, many kilometres!

A health centre at Midawokope Togo has been built by our supporters to solve the problems of health in that village. This project began in 2003 and we roofed the building in March 2005. The clinic is now working, the first in that locality to solve the health problems and to educate the local people concerning hygiene, HIV/Aids, maternal health and child care. Our local workers also travel to villages throughout Togo. They are trained in primary health care and carry medical kits. During their home-to-home visits they talk to men and women about vaccinating their children, following rules of hygiene, family planning options and the importance of pregnant women taking medical advice. They also give simple first aid to sick men, women and children, sending any serious cases to the medical centre.

Funding for this work is provided by Australian supporters and the current funding need is to buy more equipment for this medical clinic and to provide ongoing staff costs.