Global Concern ’s Food security program in Malawi and Zambia is highly successful in addressing problems of low food production, resulting in malnutrition and early mortality rates, especially among children as it targets grass-root needs in each community. Now, after 8 years of training farmers and educating men and women in nutrition, health and HIV/Aids awareness, villagers in Malawi are bringing in harvests over one thousand percent greater than before the project began, malaria cases have dropped by 30 %, diarrhoea cases by 65% and cases of malnourished children by 90%.
Funding for this work is provided by Global Concern supporters and by DFAT and the current funding need is to be able to continue this program for hundreds more needy African families.


What a difference this program has made to Enala and her children!

Enala Nyangulube, a 44 year old widow in this area, had a very miserable life. She lost her husband due to HIV/AIDS as well as two of her children from Malaria. She has been supporting her family by selling firewood but it was difficult to earn enough for food or even a piece of soap. When Global Concern commenced farmer training, Enala was selected, given maize seed, cassava and fertilizers and trained to plant crops following modern methods of farming. She has been trained in good nutrition and sanitation and given a mosquito net for her two children who now are free from the deadly Malaria mosquito bites. She has been trained to make mud stoves and prepare nutritious meals. Her crops have done very well and she is hoping to have surplus next year for sale.